Contexa - Automation systems for liquids and powders
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The gifted robot for dosing your powders and crystals


Contexa SAhas a large experience in volumetric and gravimetric dosing of liquids and powders.
Its know-how has allowed designing this unique piece of art.
The Dopo is a crystals and powders volumetric dosing system. It ensures accuracy and speed for laboratory, sampling and small production formulas.
"Because every powder is different and may change from easy to dose to clumps or blocks, we have designed a robot that allows dosing any type of solid raw material, no matter the initial state of the powder."

Main characteristics

  • A Dopo unit can be combined with our other robots
  • One powder per dosing container
  • No matter the initial state of the powder, the first pour will be accurate
  • Dosing of 30 milligrams to 2 kg (4 lbs) per powder
  • Average dosing time of 1 minute per powder
  • The number of automated powders is free
  • ATEX zone II version available

Volumetric Dosing working principle

  • A dosing container has chambers (cavities) with a known volume
  • A selected amount of cavities is used to dose the required quantity
  • The chambers are internally subdivided into sections. This process allows reaching the target weight at all times
  • The material is crushed, allowing only particles within tolerance to be fed into the chambers
  • Ejectors force the ingredient out of the chamber

Dopo unit engineering and integration

  • The powder containers are almost air-tight to reduce powder structure modifications
  • The powders are protected from light
  • The container(s) can be put under pressure or under nitrogen
  • A system prevents the powders from dispersing
  • The containers are affixed on a conveyor belt for easy automation
  • Fully integrated with Spark management software which handles all production orders sent to Contexa's robots

Technical specifications

Dopo unit

  • Size of a unit equipped with 14 dosing containers: (W x D x H) 261 x 110 x 188 cm (103 x 43 x 74 in)
  • Min / Max pour per powder: 30 mg / 2 kg (4 lbs)
  • Accuracy: +/- 15 mg


  • Torque sensitive crushing and feeding claws
  • Bridge breaking system
  • 10 pie-shaped cavities in the rotating disk
  • Subdivision of chambers: 11 sections
  • Weight per chamber: 10 g (depending upon the density of the powder)
  • Size (diameter x height): 38 x 18 cm (15 x 7 in)
  • Volume of raw material container: 5 liters
Dopo, the only system in the world allowing to dose
powders and crystals in a fast, accurate and reliable way