since 1999

Leading supplier of dosing robots for 25 years

Since 1999, Contexa has been offering innovative solutions thanks to volumetric and simultaneous dosing.

This unique and proprietary technology guarantees a more efficient, flexible, simple and sustainable production.  

OUR technology


All ingredients are dosed in the final container, simultaneously, precisely, without scales.

An award-winning volumetric dosing technology that offers unrivalled production performance thanks to its ability to dose all ingredients simultaneously, and which can be adapted to customers' specific creation/production needs.

This innovative technology is designed for both the creative laboratory and industrial production.
 All the dosing experts are gathered together to guide
and manage tailor-made projects in the F&F ecosystem

The benefits of our innovation

1 - Productivity  
Thanks to volumetric dosing, the various CONTEXA solutions dose all ingredients independently and simultaneously. Volumetric dosing guarantees an agile, fast and responsive production process.Its immediate production capacity, particularly during demand peaks, results in a reduced time-to-market.time to market réduit. Cette grande disponibilité de production permet d’offrir un temps de service plus compétitif aux clients.
2 – Precision
Over the past 10 years, our technology has demonstrated its high level of precision, which has been validated by the various players in the sector. In fact, the same machine can dose from a drop to a ton, with great accuracy over the entire range of liquids from typically 7 to 45 degrees Celsius.
3 – Modularity
CONTEXA's range of dispensing robots is highly modular. We analyse your needs together to co-create the perfect solution to meet your current and future production objectives. What's more, our solutions are highly scalable and adapt to your growth.
4 – Compactness 
Our different dosing robots are the most compact on the market, from 200 materials for 3 sqm in the laboratory to 260 materials for 4 sqm  in production. Their footprint is considerably reduced, optimising space and streamlining production flow. Most of our solutions require no special fittings on your premises.
5 – Eco Design
The CONTEXA strategy is in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The absence of any need for recombination processes and the use of a single container means substantial water savings. What's more, our technology can be adapted to different temperatures without the need for HVAC.
6 – Support
Our team of experts in the F&F industry sector takes great care to listen to our customers' needs in order to understand their objectives and propose appropriate solutions. We also pay close attention to follow-up throughout the product life cycle, which enables us to constantly improve performance and customer satisfaction.
a common commitment

"We offer a unique dosing solution that has been meeting the standards of the flavours and fragrances industry with Swiss quality for over 25 years.
In addition to this cutting-edge technology, we want to support our customers at every stage of the automation process -from the first steps to the integrated plant - in order to improve their performance and meet their demands for simplification and flexibility."   

 Daniel Schupbach, Founder and CEO
OUr innovative solutions


Boosting perfumer's creativity
- Formula ready every 1 to 4 minutes
- Be the first to deliver on brief
- Ingredients dosed simultaneously
- Scalable, modular & compact machines
- Absorption of peak demands
- Easier stock management


Improving productivity with agility & precision
- One drop to One ton measured in the same container
- Modularity, Compactness & Customisation solutions
- Simplified, agile & responsive production
- A single versatile robot to cover all stages
- From 30 to 500+ production orders per day
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Thanks to several options of the innovative “Life Cycle Services” concept, CONTEXA customers are optimally supported throughout the entire life cycle of their installed equipment: from project engineering, installation, and commissioning to monitoring, maintaining and improving the performance of our customers’ facilities and equipment.