Life Cycle Services,
high performance support

Thanks to several options of the innovative “Life Cycle Services” concept, CONTEXA customers are optimally supported throughout the entire life cycle of their installed equipment: from project engineering, installation, and commissioning to monitoring, maintaining and improving the performance of our customers’ facilities and equipment.

We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their equipment  

Stage 1: even before we start, we help you make the right choices and craft your unique robot!

  • Going beyond a catalogue robot: we craft our solutions based on your individual needs
  • Nous vous aidons à sélectionner les bonnes configurations grâce à une analyse approfondie de vos données de production
  • Advising you on the best layout to integrate our robot within your site
  • Kick-starting the project and working with your team from design and testing through to installation and commissioning
  • Training your operators and technical team to get your equipment up and running smoothly

Stage 2: we help you ensure a high performing team and investment

  • Being present throughout the critical ramp-up phases with technical and process support and adapt the robot to changing market needs
  • Supporting you team with remote assistance
  • Offering advanced training to develop your operators' skills, confidence and independence
  • Monitoring and analysing data to provide key indicators
  • Running regular technical and business reviews with your key stakeholders to ensure optimal use of your investment and alignment with your targets

Stage 3: regular maintenance to maximise the life cycle of your equipment

  • Planning and performing ad-hoc corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Providing remote troubleshooting
  • Proposing regular CTX TRACE (previously DORY) and CTX MOTION (previously CONTEXOR) software updates
  • Providing fast support and top-quality spare parts to minimise unexpected downtime

Phase 4: looking ahead to constantly update and improve your end-to-end process

  • Proposing state-of-the art tools to simulate your full production
  • Building a digital twin to run optional simulations both pre-sales and throughout the life cycle of your equipment, in order to establish scenarios and support decision-making
  • Analysing the end-to-end process flow of your plant, and propose optimisations, upgrades and modernisations
  • Working with you to support your business growth and adapt your equipment to changing market conditions 
CTX TRACE, ex DORY, provides manual preparation solutions with full traceability, similar to the CTX MOTION functionality. Its intuitive dosing interface helps prevent errors, while formulas can be allocated to specific laboratory technicians for greater confidentiality between perfumers. Customers retain full ownership of their data, with no registration with CONTEXA.
Case study
With CTX TRACE, you can track every stage of the manufacturing process, from the preparation of ingredients to the completion of the final product. You can also identify who prepared a specific formula and when it was used. So every perfumer can work with confidence, knowing that their recipes and contributions are protected.
CTX MOTION, ex CONTEXOR, the unique software that controls all your robots, offers exceptional adaptability to different working methods. It is a Windows-based solution, designed to be compatible with various formula management systems (ERP). Updates are developed on a regular basis, guaranteeing the application of the latest functionalities. Data is stored at the customer's premises, but not on our servers, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your information.
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With CTX MOTION, traceability is complete. Pours, formulas and alarms are automatically recorded in a database. You can monitor your operations in real time and define customised dashboards.

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