A corporate culture
focused on progress

As the creator of volumetric dosing for the fragrance and flavour industry, CONTEXA offers many opportunities to express your expertise, boldness, proactivity and entrepreneurial spirit. CONTEXA rethinks dosing to inspire tomorrow's production processes thanks to a wide range of complementary skills.

The Key Account Manager or customer relationship management

For those who enjoy customer relations, are result-oriented and want to travel the world regularly to promote our innovative dosing solutions.

The KAM's role is essential in developing and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients, driving sales growth and contributing to CONTEXA's overall success. The KAM's main task is to assess the customer’s needs in the F&F sector, of which she or he must have a good knowledge, in order to propose the most appropriate solution, whether for creation or production.
Listening and technical knowledge are key to delivering an efficient, customised solution. The KAM is our clients’ first point of contact with high-level responsibilities: owner, CEO, COO, production director, plant manager. It's a job with a wide variety of actions, challenges and development opportunities within our company.
"As a KAM in the special machinery industry, my main challenge is to transform the unique needs of F&F players into technical reality, shaping their creation and/or production strategy."

Installation and Commissioning Technician or a taste for complex systems

For those who enjoy solving complex mechanical challenges and want to provide a high-level technical service to demanding customers in the F&F sector.

The Installation and Commissioning Technician is involved in the final project phase. She or he supervises the assembly and start-up of our special machines in our technical workshop located in Geneva in order to obtain the client's initial validation (theFAT: Factory Acceptance Test).
These technicians are then responsible for installing complex mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic systems in our customers' design laboratories or production sites. They are responsible for final installation and commissioning (SAT: Site Acceptance Test).
The Installation and Commissioning Technician is a multi-skilled mechanic with expertise in industrial automation and electricity, while boasting highly specialised knowledge and skills. Finally, because of their proximity to customers, these expert technicians are able to easily communicate the technical aspects of CONTEXA's innovative solutions, in both French and English. They are also responsible for providing top-quality customer service.
As technicians, we assemble our robots and then install them at our customers' premises in the F&F sector. We are constantly working to improve them. We are satisfied when our solutions offer a real technical and competitive advantage to our clients.

Supply Chain Planning Manager
or a drive for optimisation

For those who appreciate managing the planning of the production goods needed to deliver our robots on time and on budget.

This job involves maintaining a balance between medium- and long-term analysis of sales forecasts (new projects and Customer Services) and short-term stock optimisation to ensure product availability and rotation. With a higher education background, ideally EPF/HES or equivalent, with a specialisation in industrial engineering or supply chain, you have solid analytical skills enabling you to assimilate and synthesise a variety of information. You are a master at managing priorities, whether with suppliers, manufacturers orother key players in the chain.
“As Supply Chain Planning Manager, my role is to ensure that parts are made available to my internal and external customers at the right time, by monitoring our stock levels.To do this,I act a bit like an orchestra conductor for the flows, to pass on the right needs and priorities for action to each department, while monitoring the activity updates in our IT system”

The Development and Data Analysis Engineer, innovation at its heart

For those who want to put their analytical skills at the service of innovative projects.

The Development and Data Analysis Engineer develops tools for extracting and importing customer production data, as well as parameters from our dosing systems. She or he analyses this data and creates dashboards to present the results and web applications. Alongside the analysis work, this expert engineer supports the Automation team in formalising and documenting our software architecture.
Finally, the Development and Data AnalysisEngineer works closely with the Product Quality department to develop new tools and test benches, as well as with the Innovation department for product developments. This cross-functional role is at the heart of CONTEXA’s innovation process.      
My job involves collecting, processing and analysing data in order to extract key information to enable the various departments to make relevant decisions. Data is like jigsaw puzzle pieces. If you put them together carefully, you get a complete picture of understanding.”

Drop by drop, we are building the future of dosing

We apply our founding values
to human capital management

We encourage our employees to take daring initiatives in order to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, thereby increasing organisational effectiveness. This founding value contributes to our company’s growth and success by encouraging adaptability and positive change.
We support our teams to take initiatives and anticipate client needs. This approach helps to create a dynamic working environment, where every employee plays an active role in the realisation of the company's complex projects.
Driven by a constant desire to innovate, our employees work tirelessly to rethink our technological solution and support the positive transformation of all production lines to keep pace with technical and societal developments. This approach enables them to develop their expertise and skills, while benefiting from internal mobility.

A training-oriented organisation

CONTEXA invests in the next generation of talents, taking on several apprentices and trainees each year with technical or managerial backgrounds. These young people are supervised by trained tutors who help them to develop extensive technical and interpersonal skills. Permanent positions are regularly opened up to young people, and our trainees are given priority when applying for these internal opportunities.
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