Contexa Creation Start


A first step towards creative process automation 

The CC-START dosing solution integrates CONTEXA's latest technology, a simpler, more accessible and compact volumetric technology called COLIBRI LITE.

The adoption of this standard solution by creation and sampling centres streamlines project management - for example, a first formula can be obtained a week after the machine is delivered - while maintaining syringe precision for optimal dosing quality.

Specially designed for creation centres, the CC-START machine features a small floor footprint, making it ideal for laboratories. In particular, it is possible to directly connect suppliers’ stock packagings to the robot, streamlining the operator's work and avoiding waste. 

Finally, to ensure enhanced performance, we recommend continuous process support via our Life Cycle Services.

Technical specifications

Performance: 500+ pours per hour
Productivity: 12+ formulas per hour 
Smallest dosage: one drop

Type of technology: volumetric
CONTEXA technology name: COLIBRI LITE

Footprint: from 3 sqm for 200 raw materials with stock
Maximum beaker size: 5 kg
Conveyor capacity: 10+ beakers
Connection to stock directly in supplier's packaging: up to 2 kg

Customisable: +

We offer a range of options for customising your machines

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Life Cycle Services
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Touch screen
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