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Innovative dosing solutions for laboratories and sampling centers

Speed in launching a new product is one of the pillars of success. Converting an idea into a product as quickly as possible is crucial to winning new projects and consolidating a strong position against the competition.

The three CONTEXA CREATION solutions are capable of dosing a new composition in just 1 to 4 minutes, meeting the market's need for speed. This equipment is designed to be the first to respond to a given brief, giving the perfumers and flavourists an undeniable competitive edge. What's more, they are agile enough to maintain fluidity and agility during peaks in demand. Some of these machines ensure simultaneous dosing of ingredients, thanks to our COLIBRI volumetric technology, accelerating the creative process while guaranteeing optimum precision.

The robots' modular, scalable and compact design enables easy integration into creation labs, while giving us unrivalled operational agility to cope with fluctuations in demand. By absorbing peaks in activity, these optimized solutions guarantee stable, efficient production and boost perfumers and flavourists' creativity. 
our three creation solutions


A first step towards creative process automation


Increasing production by integrating simultaneous dosing


Simultaneous dosing for creation and sampling centres