A new strategic dynamic

Contexa was founded on an innovation that challenged traditional dosing practices in the F&F sector.

In 2013, the invention of theCOLIBRI technology, a unique simultaneous volumetric dosing method, provided a lasting revolution in fragrance and flavour manufacturing practices worldwide.

For more than 25 years, the company's approach has been guided by the value of progress, with the aim of constantly improving production tools on a number of levels, including labour intensity, performance and compactness.  
This commitment to improvement now includes a new dimension: sustainable development. While pursuing technological innovation, CONTEXA now places social and environmental innovation at the heart of its governance.

As an industrial company, we are aware of our key role and are currently working on an ambitious SustainableTransformation plan, which we will gradually unveil in the form of actions accompanied by their measurable impacts.  

Our Corporate Social Responsibility plan also applies internally. We have already implemented a number of environmental projects in the areas below, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 "By 2050, the world will need to be carbon neutral if we are to maximise the chances of containing the average rise in temperature to +1.5°C (compared with the pre-industrial era) and thus limit extreme climate events, the consequences of which, already visible in many parts of the planet, will only increase the pressure on populations and ecosystems".

Source: IPCC scenario 1.5


Our Corporate Social Responsability plan

7 Affordable & Clean Energy
11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
12 Responsible Consumption & Production
Reducing our energy consumption: moving at the end of 2022 to a low-energy building certified Breeam® and Minergie®, heated by industrial waste heat from neighbouring companies.  

Introduction of a weekly teleworking day to limit commuting and improve quality of life.
3 Good Health
& Well Being
13 Climate Action
Encouraging employees to adopt more environmentally-friendly forms of mobility: the company contributes to public transport season tickets or the purchase of a bicycle.

Rationalization of international travel: a Travel policy has been drawn up, bringing together guidelines encouraging employees to reduce their environmental impact when traveling.
On the social front, several initiatives
are also being implemented in the day-to-day lives of employees.
5 Gender
10 Reduced
Outsourcing to local companies with a social mission to promote professional integration in the fields of industrial subcontracting.

In 2023, adoption of an equitable pay policy based on skills, experience and qualifications, allowing for consistent career development accessible to all.

Finally, we are conducting awareness-raising campaigns on health at work among our employees.
Long term commitment

"In 2024, we are launching an ambitious plan to reduce our environmental footprint. Because identifying our emission sources is the first step towards more sustainable practices, we will start with a corporate-wide greenhouse gas assessment of our activities."

Philippe, Director of Impact
A progress plan up to 2030
In order to effectively manage our social responsibility practices, we are pursuing a continuous improvement approach: from strong commitments in line with the United Nations' sustainable development objectives to more committed social and environmental responsibility, CONTEXA is constantly updating its roadmap and will communicate regularly on its extra-financial results.

To conduct Contexa's ambitious CSR strategy, a Director of Impact, reporting to the company's CEO, was appointed in 2024.